Denise Gonzales-Foster


How Denise's Delights was born!


​I've always enjoyed baking Christmas cookies with my mom, as a child we would bake and make all kinds of cookies and treats while listening to Christmas carols.  Singing and baking brought so much joy to the season and our home.      


Experimenting with cookies, candies and chocolate delights, we came up with unique and tongue tantalizing sweets.  Treats that all of our friends, relatives and family loved and requested time and again.    This is how we started Denise's Delight's, from the joy of making others happy with our sweet treats & delights. 

While working as a customer service representative in 1998  at my day job I made my family recipe for the office holiday party, they were a hit!   My edible art proved to be so irresistable that everyone asked me to make them for their upcoming events.


Denise's Delights was born and now I am sharing them with friends, relatives and you!    


Thank you for visiting my site!  Denise